Water Boring

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Clean water is a basic human right.

Most regions, people have to walk 5-7km to get clean water, the unprivileged sections were most affected.

MLSS India has installed and made operational 20 Water Bore in different villages of district Maharashtra which are inhabited by less fortunate communities. This community is the most ostracised and has negligible access to clean water. MLSS team engaged to start the method involved with making an extremely durable water hotspot for the local area. MLSS volunteers immediately prepared the penetrating assets. The penetrating system began and after certain long stretches of boring water a reasonable amount of water was found. After the penetrating system was effectively finished, the last period of the cycle began. In this stage, volunteers constructed a stage on top of the water well to incorporate a hand syphon. This would make it extremely simple for the neighbourhood individuals to get the water from the well as and when required. The whole development of the stage was attempted by volunteers with help from expert workers.

Amrit Sanchar 2022

Amrit Sanchar (“nectar service”; likewise called Amrit Parchar, or Khande di Pahul) is one of the four Sikh Sanskaars. The Amrit Sanchar is the commencement

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Farmer’s Protest

In September, 2020 the world’s biggest protest “Indian farmers Protest” started, new farming laws were passed by the parliament of India. These acts (Laws) have

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Medical Camps

Medical camps from 2014 onwards in Punjab have been organised by MLSS to help people suffering from medical issues who cannot afford their medical expenses.

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House Renovations

Everyone needs a roof for their families and for themselves. MLSS has done house renovations from 2015 to make better living for poor people who

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