Langar Seva

Seva is one of the key tenets of the Sikh faith. As a symbol of equality and a move towards innovative charity programs for people belonging to all castes, creed, colour, status, religion and social status, a free food seva is conducted by MLSS. Langar is prepared in hygienically by our sewadars. The main motive of Langar is to serve food to the needy people, who don’t get meals on time. Langar seva is for everyone. This is an open service where there is no expectation for any reward in return. MLSS organises the Langar Seva for all at below locations daily:

PGI Sector 14 (Chandigarh)

Government Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) Sector 32 (Chandigarh).

Project Start Date: 2019

Project End Date: NA

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