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Here at MLSS we always require volunteers with all our ongoing projects from the inner cities of UK to the deprived areas Worldwide.

Due to the varying projects we operated we need volunteers from many different backgrounds such as; mechanics, doctors, dentists, service operators, accountants, lawyers, fundraisers, bid writers and social media experts. Most of all we need those individuals who have compassion, big heart and empathy.

Whether you are a student academic, full time, part time or retired everyone is welcome to join us. Experience first-hand the value of giving.

Want to volunteer at MLSS?

Here's how... Volunteering with MLSS is simple, please fill out the form with all the details and submit it. This may take one or two working days for us to reply.

MLSS will then introduce you to an area/project where you can dedicate as much time as you want

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Want to make a donation to MLSS?

Whilst we are always looking for volunteers we realise time is precious and not everyone can commit, you can support by providing funding for our projects and initiatives.

If you would like to support a specific project when you donate, please specify in the message the project you would like the funds to go to. Your support is important to us, you can donate as little or as much you like, it all helps!

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Are you a Business?

Another way you can support is through business.

Whether you’re a sole trader or a multi-national organisation, you can donate and/or contribute to MLSS, our projects and events. MLSS are always looking for new partnerships and would love to hear from you. Please get in touch email:

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Got an idea?

MLSS are always looking for new projects to continue to serve society. If you feel you have the desire, passion and perseverance; then you may want to consider setting up a new project in the city / town where you live. A lot of our projects have stated out this way so please do get in touch.

To help with a new project start-up we have a dedicated onboarding team who will be able to accelerate the start-up. The team has processes in place with expertise in resource management, policy / procedures, health & safety, presentations and volunteers on standby. You will be supported by the MLSS family with 24/7 support and help line. If this is for you or have any additional questions about our onboarding program simply get in touch. Be part of something special.

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