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MLSS is built on the foundation on Sikh Ethos, Vandkeh Shakna - Share what you have with others.

Our Service User base is varied, and all situation are different ranging from substance abuse to mental illness. MLSS helps everyone in need to our best ability, the range of Service Users in UK and Worldwide. 1. Homelessness 2. Community Support 3. Women Shelters 4. Rehabilitation Support Program 5. Safe House Shelter 6. Veterans Support 7. School Breakfast Clubs 8. Night Shelters 9. Punjab Homelessness and Awareness in UK 10. Education Support (Punjab, Bangkok) 11. Home re-build projects (Punjab) 12. Education Sikhism Here are some of the Service Users the names have been changed to protect identity.

Emma, UK

Homeless, felt safer on the street than living with her family – No addiction. MLSS has not seen Emma for the past 2 years.

“I grew up in outskirts of Nuneaton and it was safe to say in a broken home. My father left, my mother always wanted stability and had relationships with men which did not turn out very well. We moved to Coventry in my teens, and my mum re-married. After a turbulent relationship with mum and now stepdad my mother passed away. I was left with my stepdad who did not treat me very well. I ran away from home. I can honestly say I feel safer on the streets then living with him. I want to thank you for all the hot food, drinks and support you have given me whilst I have been living on the street. God Bless you all”

Petor, UK, a Bulgarian national

Suffered the theft of personal belongings & turned alcoholic since becoming homeless. Petor is still homeless, we see him in the shelters and on the streets.

“I came from Bulgaria, 5 years ago, I have a wife and two children. I wanted to make money to send home, during the first year I had a manual job on a building site and a roof over my head. Then I was burgled and they took my things, including my passport. I tried many times to reach the Embassy but heard nothing. I then lost my job. With no passport or ID, no address, no national insurance and no accommodation I was desperate. I then started drinking and smoking. I call my wife when I get a chance but am too embarrassed to tell her what has happened. The streets are my home. Thank you for the food I love you.”

Jamie, Newcastle

Lost family. No addictions. Has not been seen by MLSS for a year.

“I used to work on the oil rigs in the North Sea. Weeks on end I would be working away then return home. I was happy and content, I had a wife, kids and a home. One day I got a call from the bank, I had been defaulting on my mortgage repayments. You see, I used to give my wife all my earnings and she looked after everything. I called to see what had been going on; thinking it was a banking error. She then broke down and admitted to having an affair and all the money was going to her new partners drug habit. Within months I lost my wife, kids, car and home. Then I was made redundant. I came to the Midlands as I had a friend who lived here, his girlfriend then kicked me out. You guys are the best, the real heroes giving us support and hope.”

Andre & Family, Brazil. Lived in shed in Oxford. No addiction.

Andre and family are now settled in Berkshire.

“We were full of hope, back in Brazil my wife and I were saving our money to come into the UK. The plan was to go to Italy arrange visas then come into Oxford to live with my friend and his family. I have two daughters. We got to Italy OK, we then realised the visa for the UK price had gone up which resulted in a delay in the application. The delay meant we were living on rent, however, slowly but surly the money starting to run out. We were fortunate that the visas came through and we went to my friend in Oxford. Whilst me and my friend were OK his girlfriend was not so happy with us. Eventually we had to leave with nowhere to go. By chance in Oxford we met a follow Brazilian. He only had a one bedroom flat for him and his partner. We were offered his wooden shed. Through two weeks in winter we slept in this shed. Through contacts we moved in with another Brazilian family outside of Oxford. Your organisation found out about us and we are so grateful for the food, clothes and support you have given us. You're a true reflection of humanity. Thank you.

Primary School, West Midlands – Breakfast Club

MLSS continue to provide food for breakfast club.

Our school is situated in a deprived area, there are many children here from different backgrounds and cultures. We have always been proud of this. Over the past years children coming into school are misbehaving, this is a result lack of support to parents and not making ends meet. Children will often attend with unclean, broken shoes, ripped shirts and trousers. When MLSS came along with the breakfast club idea it worked well. Children were coming into school early and eating porridge and toast. We observed behaviour improvements as children were now calm in class hence studies were also improved. Parents can now provide better uniforms for children. Thank you MLSS on behalf of the school and their parents.

Secondary School, West Midlands. Tackling Period Povert

MLSS continue to provide food and female hygiene products around the UK.

Period poverty has become worse over the last 2 years, young girls going through the pain, social isolation and are afraid. Parents cannot afford female hygiene products. As a result, there is has been a dip in attendance with regular pattern and the social stigma and bullying if not managed correctly. MLSS provided us with the hygiene products, pupils can now discretely pick the products they need. As a result, student attendance has risen and less bullying and correct process to manage has been put in place. Thank you MLSS you are truly making a difference. In addition, with the extra dry food you supply. Parents can secretly go into a private room and pick the food products with the need to fell embarrassed.

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