The concept of Langar is free kitchen and was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Langar was designed to uphold the principle of equality to all people of regardless of religion, colour, age, gender, or social status. Langar is to address poverty in the world, bringing the basic fundamental human rights of free food to the forefront.

Food and good donations can be made to the separate areas, please see our volunteers page. Monetary donations can be made here. If you come some far, just don’t stop here, volunteer with us and experience the concept of a free kitchen, bring your family too.

Please contact our help line on Tel. 0121 740 0716 and we will try to help you.

Yes we are UK Charity Number: 1156965. We are fully compliant with UK Charity Commission.

Yes we do. All donations welcome how big or small. The donations are used for vehicle maintenance, consumables, and new projects. Please use the donate link provided

Yes more than likely, please click here to get involved. Our team will try to get back to you within next working day. We have variety of projects so if your skill is in Medical, Accounts, Media, Drivers, Mechanics or anything else we would like to hear from you.

The concept of Langar is for everyone! We have a variety of volunteers from different backgrounds.

Please email our press team media@mlss.org.uk
If urgent please call 01922 861 165

MLSS will try and help everyone regardless of background and situation. Please contact our 24hr Emergency Parcel Delivery: 07903 400179

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