Sewing School

The expanding populace has forever been considered a plague for our country. It is expected as the essential obstacle in any improvement interaction. Also, the explanation for this is that a larger part of our populace is as yet unskilled and uneducated. Conclusively, populace, rather than being a resource, turns out to be a responsibility for the country.

MLSS is providing free training in stitching to young girls and women hailing from less fortunate families of society. MLSS has also set up a sewing school for local young girls so they can learn how to sew. We want to empower these girls so that they can contribute to their family’s income. Some of their parents collect garbage and recycle it to put food on table.

This school weighs on improving the populace with abilities which can empower them to carry on with a noble life.

Wedding Camps

MLSS has conducted Mass Wedding Camp & Marriages for daughters from very less fortunate families. Every girl holds a dream of her marriage in her

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Langar Seva

Seva is one of the key tenets of the Sikh faith. As a symbol of equality and a move towards innovative charity programs for people

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