Farmer’s Protest

In September, 2020 the world’s biggest protest “Indian farmers Protest” started, new farming laws were passed by the parliament of India. These acts (Laws) have been described as anti-farmer laws by most of the farmer unions that resulted Kisaan Morcha at Delhi.

While Farmers were marching towards Delhi for the protest, many hurdles were faced by them during this journey. Strict actions were taken by Cops on Farmers which included Lathi charges, usage of Water Cannons, Metal Barricades to block their ways, cementing of iron nails on the roads to damage tyres of Tractors and vehicles which were travelling to Delhi for Protest. Moreover, Barbed Fences were also planted to prevent people entering into Delhi by roads, as this resulted in shut down of all Delhi Borders. Some highways were also blocked during this protest.

MLSS is always keen to help the people wherever it’s required, to help all our farmer brothers and their families MLSS had set up two stalls in Delhi at Tikri border and Singhu border. These stalls provided farmers with essentials including: –


Langar seva was setup by MLSS to target the needs of huge number of farmers in the farmer’s camps that were residing on the boundaries of Delhi after the Delhi Police banished the farmers from entering the Delhi Territory on 26 November 2020. The langar was served 24×7 during the whole period of farmer’s protest. MLSS provided free food services without any distinction of caste, creed, or religion. The hot meals that were served during the seva of MLSS at Singhu Border and Tikri Border included lentils, seasonal vegetables, roti, buttermilk, tea, fresh fruits, Desi ghee pinia, noodles, jalebi’s, fritters, Ice-creams, dry fruits and nuts such as cashews and raisins.

This spirit of service is something we learnt from our home and our society. We have been taught to help where ever we go. While men are at the forefront of the community kitchens, women have also been coming from villages to lend a hand. The hot meals being handed out at the protest site are not restricted to the farmers — many poor people from the area also join the line.

Known as a symbol of equal treatment, the Sikh kitchens offer a plate to anyone who comes.

“Our inspiration is serving humanity, whether it is Hindus, Sikh, Muslim or Christian. We never see anybody’s religion

Supplies to sustain the impromptu, open air kitchens at the farmers protest were overflowing — tractors and trucks with sacks of vegetables and flour as well as cans of oil and milk arrived daily from Local Mandi, villages from Punjab and Haryana.

UK Supporters often brought gifts such as almonds, apples, Indian sweets, or even packaged water.

MLSS also installed Water RO Plants at different places of borders for farmers to drink fresh water with Water Chiller System that served cool water in the hot temperature of 45 degrees and above.

Accommodation and supplies:

Farmers travelled hundreds of miles from all over India with their tractors and, they have been in Delhi borders for nearly 1 year spending cold nights on the streets and protesting throughout the day. MlSS Volunteers, in that light, have been the backbone of the movement.

MLSS helped farmers with provisions of tents, solar-powered mobile charging points, laundry machines, medical stalls, dental camp, and foot massage machines.

At Tikri border MLSS purchased and installed number of washing machines for protesters, especially the elderly. We had put them on the pathway so everybody can come and utilise the washing machine to wash their clothes. Many farmers came to wash their garments in washing machines provided by MLSS. The machines also had dryers so the farmers didn’t have to wait for long for their clothes to dry.


Through this non-government organization, enormous group of medical specialists turned up to be a part of our organisation and work as Volunteers to help with the needs of the free medical camps including dental check-ups.

A full stock of medical supplies were kept at medical camps in Singhu and Tikri border. Farmers were given the respective prescribed medicines.

LED Screens:

MLSS also installed projector with big screens for farmers to make them watch religious movies and stay updated with the current conditions.

Keeping up with cold temperatures:

At Kissan Morcha with decreasing temperature in winters, MLSS organized “winter clothing langar” to protect protesters from the cold climate. Our team dispersed blankets, warm innerwear, woollen socks, Gloves, Mufflers, knee pads, warm shawl, hot water bottle, Woollen caps, jackets, shirts and shoes.

Daily essentials:

MLSS also established stalls at the protest site to offer essential supplies. We provided daily essentials such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair oil, shampoo, surf, oil, mosquito repellents etc., free of cost.

Sports event:

During protest, Sports events was organised by MLSS for farmers in which different sports were held such as races, tug of war, lemon race and volley ball. Hundreds of elderly men and women participated in this event and won medals and prizes.

Kirtan Darbar: On Baisakhi, Kirtan darbar was organised at Tikri border. Sangat from local areas and those who were protesting took part in this Kirtan darbar and took the laha of the gurbani Kirtan. The farmers from Punjab did not forget to celebrate Gurpurab. Special arrangements had been made on the occasion for holding prayers and distribution of Prasad. Ample food items were offered like noodles, fritters, jalebi, gulab jamun, laddu, kheer, ice-creams and cold drinks.

Gatka Day:

Gatka was also performed by MLSS team members. This was the best memorable moments for farmers during the entire protest.

Water Seva:

Everyday more than 2000 litres of chilled water in total was delivered to farmers in bottles which were protesting at their Camps. This seva was carried out regularly by MLSS Volunteers in every conditions.

Kissan Mall:

Kissan Mall was set up by MLSS which consisted of different items that were required in daily life. All the items which were offered by MLSS Mall included things that every human being required in his life. This mall included of T-shirts, trousers, jackets, warmer set, Caps, Socks, gloves and toiletries such as soap, brush, shampoo, and toothpaste.

Tea seva:

MLSS Started Tea Langar at the Protest which was continuously running whole day and night without any break, Tea was served with Rusks and biscuits, thousands of farmers use to drink tea every day at MLSS Camp. MLSS Camp at Singhu Border was one of the most known camp for 24X7 Tea Seva.

Chabeel seva:

We are grateful for the overwhelming love, Support and participation of farmers and MLSS volunteers who served Chabeel at several locations in June and July month of 2021 .Chabeel remembers the martyrdom of the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, who was tortured by being made to sit on a red hot plate, whilst hot sand was poured over. Rather than mourning the event, Sikhs are asked to remember God’s will as ‘sweet’ and therefore the sweet drinks – known as ‘Chabeel’ – are distributed to people of all faiths around the globe.


Finally the day came when government took back farm bills on 11 December 2021, this day was memorable for everyone who protested and participated in Farmer Protest. Every farmer was happily enjoying the winning of Protest by Dancing in protest, sweets were being distributed and different items of food were prepared. MLSS distributed Sweets and gifted thousands of MLSS Fateh printed t-shirts to the farmers on eve of this day. MLSS Felt the love that day when those people went back to their home wearing those Fateh T-shirts.

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