Support for Ukraine

MLSS supports Ukraine

MLSS stands firmly with the people of Ukraine.

We have all seen the daily harrowing images coming out of this conflict. Like ourselves, we recognised the public must be concerned for the population of Ukraine and anxious to see how they can help and support them further. As a charity with a Sikh ethos of standing up for injustice and protecting the oppressed we felt we had to do something and stay true to our motto of ‘Serving Humanity’.

This started by one of our Trustees physically going to Poland himself to assess the situation and where MLSS could help. He commended all the other UK organisations who were already at the borders providing langar, temporary shelter and much needed support to fleeing Ukrainians.

MLSS has always been an organisation that goes where the help is needed. As such, we felt the langar had been sufficiently covered by other organisations. We then started to follow the journey a typical Ukrainian refugee would go on. Through our local contacts from the Gurdwara in Warsaw, Poland, and other local contacts we were taken to many locations around the border with Ukraine. One of the locations we visited in Poland was Warsaw Central Station, which, at its peak, saw up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees pass through each day – now there are still up to 10,000 a day, 90% of whom are women with young children.

The situation was harrowing for our Trustee, who also visited Warsaw West Bus/Train station and witnessed mothers carrying their children gripped onto them. By the time they got into Poland, they were fed but exhausted and were being asked to quickly make decisions about their future. We identified that whilst at these holding centres and when travelling beyond, these individuals lacked the very basic toiletries, hygiene products and baby food. Therefore, we identified a need where MLSS could support the Ukrainians. Behind the scenes to provide much-needed aid to the Ukrainian borders and to Warsaw, Poland for them further distribution.

We identified an organisation based in Warsaw called FPU Front Pomocy Ukrainie who we are supporting with aid. These were passionate Ukranians residing in Warsaw Poland. To date, by uniting with Front Pomocy Ukraine, Midlands Polish Society, We Care UK, and Trident Security; we have provided in excess of 100 pallets of essential aid via artic trucks sent from our Leicester storage unit which included womens hygiene packs, medicine, toiletries, baby food, wet wipes, nappies, toys, kids clothing, adult clothing, bedding, dry and tinned food.

We are looking to start a campaign to raise funds locally in the UK to source daily aid in Warsaw Poland for those fleeing Ukranians refugees. We will need your support help to make a difference and support these people during one of the most turbulent times in their lives as everything they have and know has been taken away from them.

Campaign details to follow shortly.


Info for Ukraine Support

In 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, where it was witnessed humanitarian crisis.  MLSS followed up with specific needs that were required for the people of Ukraine.  Whist there was support for those fleeing the crisis in neighbouring countries there was little for those inside Ukraine.

MLSS was in touch with government and local agencies and established a route of connection straight into Ukraine. 

In following months MLSS with other agencies sent over 30 pallets to the boarders of Ukraine, where they were loaded into military vehicles by the military and sent straight to the people of Ukraine.  This included specific needs :-

  1. Medicine and medical equipment
  2. Female hygiene
  3. Food supplies

MLSS is continuing to support the people of Ukraine during this time of need.

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