School education fees all over Punjab from 2014

Like a tree, poverty has so many roots. One of the most affected areas of poverty is education.

Education is a basic human right that opens doors for people to lead healthy lives and contribute to their communities. Poor families are not able to give education to their children due to poverty. Effects of poverty on children are wide-reaching and can lead to lifelong struggles for them.

To help those poor families MLSS has come forward for them by sending their children to school and paying their school fee. Since 2014 MLSS has come forward for the poor families who want to send their children to school but due to financial conditions they are not able to do so, in that case MLSS pay the school fee all over Punjab. MLSS has brought smiles to many children and their parents since 2014 by paying the school fee. By doing this MLSS has enlightened the life of many children and has given them a bright future.

In the midst of contention or social disturbances the strict confidence of the individual is critical to staying in Chardi Kala so it’s crucial that alongside giving instruction we should likewise give profound direction.

Please sponsor at least one child for the education. Your 100 % Donation will go to the education of sponsored children and we will associate you with a supported kid so you can see their improvement and offer their accomplishments.

All of our services are centralised to the welfare of the children. We serve the youngsters with education and all that they need (Stationary, Uniform, Bus charge and books).


MLSS School

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