Monthly Ration Seva

In this modern world there are people who are still deprived of basic things and few cannot even afford food for themselves and their families due to poverty. To help those less fortunate families MLSS has always come forward and have distributed monthly food parcels in Punjab region. These food parcels helped them in their daily survival and cover up basic needs.

Project Start Date: 2015

Project End Date: NA

Sewing School

The expanding populace has forever been considered a plague for our country. It is expected as the essential obstacle in any improvement interaction. Also, the

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Medical Camps

Medical camps from 2014 onwards in Punjab have been organised by MLSS to help people suffering from medical issues who cannot afford their medical expenses.

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MLSS School

Previous Next MLSS School: Free Education for kids’ up to 8th Standard. “Education is not preparation of life; Education s life itself.” Education is one

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