Homeless Christmas Dinner 2023

Midland Langar Seva Society are once again orchestrating the annual Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless and those grappling with impoverishment. MLSS are curating a lavish three-course Christmas Eve meal, promising an ethereal dining affair, tailored for individuals deprived of the chance to celebrate Christmas in the company of their dear ones due to their current circumstances. The festive season marks the pinnacle of loneliness, often coinciding with heightened suicidal tendencies.

Our dedicated team is unwavering in their commitment to ensuring this Christmas is a momentous occasion for our beneficiaries. We’re sparing no effort, organising engaging entertainment such as a DJ, carol singers, and the presence of Father Christmas during the event.

Amidst escalating energy costs and a rapid decline in living standards, a growing number of individuals are struggling to put food on their tables. Evidently, there will be a surge in the attendance of children at this year’s event, accentuating the dire need for our annual complimentary dinner.

Christmas embodies the essence of companionship, family, and joy, not hunger. To contribute a meal and help us orchestrate this extraordinary Christmas event, we encourage donations through the donate button below.

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