Wedding Camps

MLSS has conducted Mass Wedding Camp & Marriages for daughters from very less fortunate families.

Every girl holds a dream of her marriage in her eyes. To fulfil the dreams of such girls and help the families to unburden them MLSS come forward and conducted many marriages. MLSS helped such families by organising mass wedding camp at Todarmal Hall, Fatehgarh Sahib and also gifted 13 items including sofa, sewing machines, furniture,  storage boxes (Petti) and basic household items. The mass weddings are a humble attempt of the MLSS to help the poor and bring joy to the couple and their families. When MLSS heard of various suicide cases of fathers especially farmers in Punjab who were living on the borderline committing suicide due to the stress of their daughter’s wedding. MLSS decided to take on seva for Anand Karaj, from 2014 to now. MLSS has paid for 100’s of weddings across India, not only from Sikh community, other communities too.

MLSS has organised a Mass Wedding Ceremony in 2018, at the Todar Mal Hall, Fategarh Sahib, Punjab. The Count had reached Upto 20 very less fortunate daughters. Most of these had no fathers, some had no brothers too. They were all given 13 gifts each. In which sofa, fridge, dishes just like any father would gift his own daughter on her big day.

Not alone the sangat abroad, even sangat in Fategarh Sahib contributed towards this great cause as this was the first ever mass wedding camp that took place at Todar Mal, Fategarh Sahib. It was a very emotional experience for not only the daughters getting married but also our team members as they fulfilled fathers and brothers’ roles by milni, passing the girls pallah and also lavan too. Upto 15 team members from the UK attended this occasion joined and also by 20plus of our India team.

Project Start Date: 2015

Project End Date: NA

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