MLSS also provide education to Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Organisations. This entails Sikh ethos, MLSS organisation, services provided, and how you can get involved. This is an interactive presentation / workshop detailing about poverty alleviation, causes, and help provided. All our presenters are DBS checked, professional and have a sound understanding of MLSS and work involved. If you or your academia / organisation would like a visit please use the contact form. Or come and visit us at the HUB in Walsall and we can give you a tour.

Covid-19 Relief

Covid-19 Relief Seva

When coronavirus started spreading in China, very few people would have thought it would become such a huge pandemic and would ever affect everyone’s life.

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Farmer’s Protest

In September, 2020 the world’s biggest protest “Indian farmers Protest” started, new farming laws were passed by the parliament of India. These acts (Laws) have

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Amrit Sanchar 2022

Amrit Sanchar (“nectar service”; likewise called Amrit Parchar, or Khande di Pahul) is one of the four Sikh Sanskaars. The Amrit Sanchar is the commencement

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