Family 50 – Karanveer Singh, Age:70

About person:

Name: Karanveer Singh, Age:70, Date of Death:7/2/2021

Address: Singhwal, District: Jind (Haryana)

Place & cause of Death: Domicile (Due to Heart Attack)

Family details:

  • Family member-1: His mother is 90-year-old.
  • Family member-2: His 61 years old wife is a housewife.
  • Family member-3: He has two grandkids aged 13 & 6 and doing their studies in 8th and 1st respectively.

Additional Information:  They have no loans at all. They have 2 acre’s land and 2 cows. Moreover, they have got 4 lacs of aid from other sources.


  • We will provide them monthly ration.
  • We will provide education expenses for his son.


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