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What Midland Langar Seva Society have achieved Worldwide

The success in the UK projects was the start. There was a need to expand into Europe then the World Arena.

MLSS took its first steps outside the UK, with expansion beginning in India with the Sikhlakar project. We provided Bicycles and Sewing Machines to those who needed them, built 3 new wells to provide clean drinking water as well as opening an education centre to boost the local economy and assist with further independence.

We began work in
 Calais, France, taking van loads of provisions, clothing, footwear and female hygiene products. The journey was challenging yet very rewarding.  Click here to read the blog. 

We also bought our operation for the first time to Berlin, continuing through to Greece as well as Italy. 

opened outlets in Phagwara in Punjab and in New Delhi where we began serving over 12 thousand meals per week. 

Outlets were then opened in Bangkok and Thailand.

In India the MLSS team sponsored weddings for 33 couples, provided houses and rebuilt homes for families who had lost loved ones as well as putting funds into a new school in Punjab for education of those from a poor background. 

Now in 2019 we now have serving outlets opened in Jalandhar, Punjab.

But that is not all, we have more up our sleeves and which are currently in the pipeline, but w
e are dependent on your help in order to make these things possible and to reach more people. 

MLSS will continue to serve the World, join us and be inspired as we spread our message in India:

Fategarh Sahib (Punjab)
Mohali Chandigarh (Punjab)
Amritsar (Punjab)
Jalandar (Punjab)
Bangkok, Thailand
Berlin, Germany

What can you do to help?

We are always on the look out for new volunteers to come on board and help us move forward with our projects. However, if you find you are unable to volunteer, we also require help with funding in order to continue supporting these projects and enables us to remain consistent in meeting the needs of those who truly need it. If you think either of these speak directly to you, fill out the form below, highlighting how you wish to help and if you're volunteering, where you will be available to assist! 

Want to volunteer? Let us know.