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Kisaans In Need (MLSS)

Total money raised: £396,346

Why have we decided to fundraise? 

Hundreds of thousands of farmers across India are protesting against the introduction of three laws to reform agriculture which make it easier for corporations to buy from farmers and give these corporations a disproportionate amount of purchasing power. The laws will also result in the removal of minimum support prices paid to farmers, and they will also take farmers to bankruptcy and allow the corporations to seize their land. 

The protests are being led by agriculture union leaders from Punjab, as well as many other states including Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and has earned support from the entire nation.

These laws were ratified in September with no prior consultation with farmers unions or within the government.  The farmers tried to communicate to revoke the laws to no avail, the protest march to Delhi was begun in late November. Currently, there is a stand-off as millions of farmers, farm labourers and their families occupy the border of Delhi, stating they will not leave until the government revokes the bills.

    This appeal will focus on supporting those who have been impacted by the protests,. To date, over 500 protesters have lost their lives. Below are some of the families we have supported. 


Some of the families we are supporting.....

Family 1

Karanbir Singh, Age: 22


Jugraj Singh,  Age: 22

Family 3

Sukhdev Singh, Age: 43

Family 4

Balwinder Singh, Age: 41

Family 5

Varun Attari, Age: 24

Family 6

Nirmal Singh Nimma, Age: 37

Family 7

M Singh Kaka, Age: 42

Family 8

Resham Singh, Age: 38

Family 9

Pal Singh, Age: 62

Family 10

Ranjit singh, Age: 41 

Family 11

Deep Singh, Age: 60

Family 12

Kulwaran Singh Age: 36

Family 13

Nirmal Singh, Age: 45

Family 14

Gurjinder Singh Age: 16

Family 15

Kulwinder Singh

Family 16

Bupinder Singh, Age: 47

Family 17

Gurnad Singh, Age: 39

Family 18

Jagir Singh, Age: 60

Family 19

Comrade Tarsem Singh, Age: NA

Family 20

Hardev Singh, Age: NA

Family 21

Kulbir Singh, Age: NA

Family 22

Gajjan Singh, Age: NA

Family 23

Harpreet Kaur, Age:56

Family 24

Gareeb Das, Age: NA

Family 25

Sardar Naib Singh, Age: NA

Family 26

Sardar Amar Singh, Age: 70

Family 27

Harjinder Singh, Age: 30

Family 28

Gurmail Kaur, Age: 75

Family 29

Family Ref: Sardar Iqbal Singh, Age: 48

Family 30

Navjot Singh, Age: 19

Family 31

Harjit Singh, Age: 40

Family 32

Malkit Singh, Age: 32

Family 33

Naib Singh, Age: 45

Family 34

Gurpreet Singh, Age: 22

Family 35

Gurmail Singh, Age: 45

Family 36

Darshan Singh, Age: 35

Family 37

Malkit Singh, Age: 55

Family 38

Nirmal Singh, Age: 51

Family 39

Partap Singh, Age: 48

Family 40

Lakhwinder Singh, Age: 33

Family 41

Lakhwinder Singh, Age: 65

Family 42

Parminder Singh, Age: 27

Family 43

Himmat Kumar. Age:44

Family 44

Gurmail Singh, Age:48

Family 45

Harpal Singh, Age:43

Family 46

Gurlal Singh, Age:45

Family 47

 Jaswinder Singh, Age: 27

Family 48

Sant Singh, Age:40

Family 49

Harinder Singh,Age:32

Family 50

Karanveer Singh, Age:70

Family 51

Gurmail Singh, Age:NA

Family 52

Ram Kumar, Age: 65

Family 53

Raj Kumar, Age: 42

Family 54

Gurcharan Singh, Age:54

Family 55

Kuldeep Singh, Age:33

Family 56

Leelu Singh, Age:60

Family 57

Mandeep Singh Malhi, Age:34

Family 58

Sukhwinder Singh, Age:65

Family 59

Harminder Singh, Age:65

Family 60

Mohan Singh, Age:78

Family 61

Parkash Singh, Age:70

Family 62

Sohan Singh, Age:45

Family 63

Sukhwinder Singh, Age:43

Family 64

Bikar Singh, Age:50

Family 65

Jagveer Singh, Age:28

Family 66

Gurpreet Singh, Age:29

Family 67

Mangal Singh, Age:55

Family 68

Hansa Singh, Age:72

Family 69

Balvir Singh, Age:75

Family 70

Manjeet Kaur, Age:55

Family 71

Darbara Singh, Age:60

Family 72

Dharam Singh, Age:60

Family 73

Kulwant Singh, Age:55

Family 74

Deepak, Age:30

Family 75

Jagbir Singh, Age:53

Family 76

Harbans Singh, Age:45

Family 77

Joginder Singh Grewal, Age:72

Family 78

Ram Singh, Age:66

Family 79

Jagroop Singh, Age:70

Family 80

Jagsir Singh, Age:NA

Family 81

Puran Singh, Age:70

Family 82

Rajvir Singh, Age:47

Family 83

Joginder Singh, Age:40

Family 84

Jagjit Singh, Age:40

Family 85

Gamdur Singh, Age:37

Family 86

Jai Singh, Age:37

Family 87

Karamjit Singh, Age:52

Family 88

Bupinder Singh, Age:NA

Family 89

Shamsher Singh, Age:60

Family 90

Baljinder Singh, Age:32

Can you help?

The MLSS team encourage you to join us on this journey and become part of the #MLSS story. We are currently on the lookout for people who are driven by the need to help others. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved. We'd love to hear from you.