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MLSS in the UK.

Today, MLSS are blessed to be serving in 24 cities or towns across the UK, with over 400 volunteers, a transport fleet and a bus. We are proud to serve over 30,000 meals per week.

New Start up Projects

MLSS are always looking for new projects to start continuing with service to society. If you feel you have the desire, passion and perseverance then you may consider to open a new project in the city / town where you live. There has been many success stories with other projects and locations.

MLSS Onboarding Team


To help with new project start up we have a dedicated onboarding team who will be able to accelerate the startup. The team has processes in place with expertise in resource management, policy / procedures, health and safety, presentations and volunteers on standby. You will be supported by #MLSSFamily with 24/7 support and help line. If this is for you or have any additional questions about our onboarding program simply fill in the contact form. Be part of something special.

#MLSSFamily... we can make a difference with your support.

Want to volunteer? Let us know.