Street to Feet

Supporting the homeless is the foundation of where it all began for MLSS. Throughout the years we have supported those on the streets by providing food, clothing, sleeping bags as well as signposting them to different agencies and support facilities.

Throughout the years we have come to realise that by providing continued support, we build trusting relationships with our service users.

We’re now making the most of this and supporting our service users to get back on their feet!

Our ‘Street to Feet’ programme encompasses support at every stage of someone’s journey to getting them back on their feet.

What would a complete ‘Street’ (living on the street) to ‘Feet’ (working and living in their own home) look like?

Step 1 – Engagement and trust

This is one of the most important steps, this is our first contact and its where we start the engagement for the program. We are open and honest and feel that this is then reciprocated by our service users. Sometimes this process can take months but this is vital as it helps us form a bond and build trust. During this time, we also run assessment on the individuals ensuring their suitability for the programme.  

Step 2 – Temporary accommodation

This step evolves around getting our service users into temporary accommodation and supporting them through the whole process. This can be daunting for the service user so help and support throughout is needed.

Step 3 – Benefits & full-time accommodation

Step three is providing assistance with getting access to the benefits they’re entitled to. Once they have this, they’re ready for their new home. We ensure they have all the necessary items for their home to help them settle in and the transition is as smooth as possible.  

Step 4 – Sustainability

With all the hard work put in to date by both the service users and MLSS, it’s paramount that we continue the support to ensure the service users don’t fall off.

We work around the service users to ensure they fulfil their lifestyle changes as this can be a very daunting process for them. We provide them with guidance on money management and budgeting skills to ensure they are comfortable dealing with their own finances. We also support them in finding voluntary or paid work helping them utilise their skill sets ensuring a self-sustainable future

We understand and appreciate that our services users can all start at different stages of our programme. We have helped hundreds of service users through various parts of our step-by-step approach.


£25 could support someone to access volunteering opportunities, helping them to give back to society and gain valuable work experience.

£50 helps towards providing someone with the basic essentials they need to settle into a home, such as a kettle, pans and microwave.

£150 helps support someone in improving their mental and physical wellbeing, building resilience through group sessions and one-to-one psychological support.

£275 helps provide advice and one-to-one support to help someone find a place to call home and leave homelessness behind for good.

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