Guru Nanak Asra 550 by MLSS

A lot of transformations in couple of years that have had huge impact on society in different sectors – societal, financial and personal that changed the lifestyles some for the better and few with negative consequences. One of these involve old age homes as the senior citizens, face certain problems as a consequence of the social transformation. Everyone has to reach old age phase of life when you need extra attention, love, care and respect. Being old means when we can sit and relax at our home but in India modern society many children do not want their parents at home they admit them to old age homes.  Sometimes they go through many traumas and sufferings.  MLSS has been privileged to help those needy who deserve a better place to stay where they can find the fragrance of love and respect for them.

MLSS is running an elderly home shelter which is known as Guru Nanak Asra 550 that is home to the older and needy people whom the family has abandoned.

At Guru Nanak Asra 550 we give them a new family for rest of their life. Our staff makes every possible effort to make their stay comfortable and relaxing so that they can enjoy their life.

It is a place where senior citizens are well taken care of with proper nutrition and diet. They are also provided the health facilities such as a general check-up, personalised diet and timely medication. Guru Nanak Asra 550 is like home where their new family get all the facilities for a routine living, like food, clothing, and shelter.

There are number of facilities that are provided in MLSS Guru Nanak Asra 550:

  • Medical Facility

As we age our immune system is not as robust as it once was and that means we fall more often sick. Healthcare and companionship by our team is served 24 X 7.

Our team take good care of ours resident’s health which include their hygiene, diet, medication, physical assistance in movements with walker/wheelchair, light massage (if needed).

We provide care for semi or completely bed-ridden elderly patients.

Assistance with washing and dressing in the morning to aiding with toileting during the day for disabled is also provided.

Medical facility is provided to all residents of MLSS family.

Regular check-ups from best doctors are conducted for everyone at Guru Nanak Asra 550.

If there are any emergency issues then we take them to nearest multi-speciality hospitals with help of the ambulance. Every preventive measure is taken to keep residents of old age safer and healthy.

  • Recreational Activities

Life in Guru Nanak Asra no longer means retiring to a rocking chair and getting bored all day long.  We utilize time to invest in healthy, healing activities which make the members feel good, instil plenty of stimulation and gives chance to learn something new, to stay occupied. To make living more interesting Guru Nanak Asra 550 provides recreational services like book clubs, gardening clubs, group exercise classes, and walking clubs. These activities let you have fun, boost mood and stay engaged with your surroundings, without needing to move around much. By getting involved in these recreational activities our family members at Guru Nanak Asra stays healthy, emotionally and physically fit.

  • Rehabilitation program

With increasing age, most of the people face emotional and physical challenges that affect level of functioning and wellness. Lower immunity, vulnerability to illness, lower physical dexterity and mobility, reduced mental agility are just some of the changes that the elderly undergoes.  At Guru Nanak Asra also provides rehabilitation program to help people make their best possible recovery and regain their highest level of function as quickly as possible. Our main aim is to maintaining and improve the general health and ability of elderly individuals which involves set of clinical interventions aimed at reducing illness and improving mobility, independence and confidence in elderly, which can offer the means to lead a quality life. Regular check-ups from best doctors are conducted for everyone at Guru Nanak Asra 550. Separate files of all the residents are kept to keep track of the health issues. Ambulance service is also offered for the help. If there are any emergency issues emergency then we take them to nearest multi-speciality hospitals. Every preventive measure is taken to keep residents of old age safer and healthy.

  • Nutrition Assistance

Good nutrition is important, no matter what your age is. Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part of staying healthy as you age. At Guru Nanak Asra we care for the nutritional values for which we provide a nutritional assistance that involves healthy diet that everyone gets. We take care of the medical history of people so as we provide them the proper nutritional diet that should improve their health. We provide nutrient-dense foods to meet our goal. Special nutrients are required to maintain healthy life in old age, Guru Nanak Asra make available shelf-stable foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal and dairy items.

  • Personal Care

With aging comes natural decline in physical and mental abilities, so it is important that senior citizens feel at ease in their daily work.  MLSS at Guru Nanak Asra makes an extra effort to ensure that their daily needs are taken care of and handled carefully. Physically disabled people and individuals with mobility issues needing extra support when it comes to answering nature’s call or taking a nice, warm shower.

  • House Keeping & Meal Preparation

Seniors need extra assistance with keeping their surroundings tidy, to ensure the hygiene for the senior citizens the rooms, washrooms, common spaces are thoroughly cleaned. As the senior citizens are more prone to infections so clean and clutter-free surroundings are well maintained. Clothes and sheets are properly washed, dried under the sun, ironed, and arranged well in resident’s wardrobes. Meals served at Guru Nanak Asra 550 are cooked in hygienic conditions. We here serve a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are cooked by trained chefs. Tea and milk are also served with snacks.

Guru Nanak Asra 550 Locations

  1. a: Alwar (Rajasthan)

Upcoming Locations

  1. b: Jalandhar (Punjab)
  2. c: Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  3. d: Udaipur (Rajasthan)
  4. e: Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  5. f: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Project Start Date: 2020

Project End Date: NA

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