Covid-19 Support

The Covid 19 virus created what was by far the largest and most detrimental pandemic the UK has ever seen. Sadly over 100 thousand people lost their lives in the UK alone; and millions of people were forced to self-isolate due to them being at higher risk. The pandemic also created shortages of food, toiletries and other basic necessities. With the UK forced into lockdown it was paramount that we continued to provide for the most vulnerable. Our street feeds for the homeless continued to provide over 40,000 free meals across the UK. MLSS also provided additional support to the elderly, those at high risk and those self-isolating. Thousands of food parcels were delivered personally to these individuals and families all over the UK, as well as posting letters and collecting prescriptions.

MLSS supports Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

MLSS stands firmly with the people of Ukraine. We have all seen the daily harrowing images coming out of this conflict. Like ourselves, we recognised

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MLSS School

Previous Next MLSS School: Free Education for kids’ up to 8th Standard. “Education is not preparation of life; Education s life itself.” Education is one

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Langar Seva

Seva is one of the key tenets of the Sikh faith. As a symbol of equality and a move towards innovative charity programs for people

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House Renovations

Everyone needs a roof for their families and for themselves. MLSS has done house renovations from 2015 to make better living for poor people who

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