Annual Christmas Dinner for the Homeless

In 2018 we hosted our first annual Christmas Eve Dinner in conjunction with Network Rail in Birmingham New Street Station, we recognised that Christmas is a very special time of year and whilst we celebrate with family, gifts and lavish meals, the homeless feel more isolated than ever. Therefore, we hosted a Christmas Party for them with a full three course sit down meal, gifts, DJ and Santa to spread the Christmas joy! We’re also very proud that this dinner turned out to be the biggest homeless Christmas party in the UK and was closely covered by Sky News

MLSS supports Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

MLSS stands firmly with the people of Ukraine. We have all seen the daily harrowing images coming out of this conflict. Like ourselves, we recognised

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MLSS School

Previous Next MLSS School: Free Education for kids’ up to 8th Standard. “Education is not preparation of life; Education s life itself.” Education is one

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Amrit Sanchar 2022

Amrit Sanchar (“nectar service”; likewise called Amrit Parchar, or Khande di Pahul) is one of the four Sikh Sanskaars. The Amrit Sanchar is the commencement

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