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How MLSS aim to support the vulnerable at this time

COVID-19 Self Isolation Support from MLSS

These are truly trying times, with everyone finding themselves in the same boat, but with different repercussions dependent on age and current circumstances.

Thankfully there are ways we can all help one another and be a light in the darkness right now more than ever before.


Since the shock announcement and recent unsettling news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, and the possibility of now having to self-isolate to decrease the spread of infection, there will be a continued growing need and desperation for supplies.

This has already induced a sense of panic in people with many unsure of what to do or how they will cope over the time if unable to get out and find sufficient items of products they need.

This has led to many supermarkets and shops around the country to now have low levels of stock in items they wouldn’t usually be running low on.


Unfortunately, the supply is, at the moment, not able to meet the demand required.  


Obviously we know this to be a continued issue universally, which will go on to affect people across the board from all walks of life.

However, this will have mostly a negative impact on those 65 and over or currently dealing with a disability.  

These are the demographics who will struggle due to statistically being most prone to the illness and the ones who will find they will need to stay inside more than others.


For this reason, the teams at MLSS have decided to jump in right at the deep end and take action as soon as we possibly can.


We intend to reach those throughout the UK who are set to become restricted to self-isolation rules or who will find difficulty in making it through the crowds within their local supermarkets due to fear and uncertainty.


But it goes without saying, we are cannot do this alone. This is too great a job for just us to achieve. Reinforcements are needed.

That’s where you all come in.


We are looking for any generous donations you are able to give at this time, mainly that of the following; hand sanitiser, toilet paper wet wipes, disposable gloves, face masks, pasta, pasta sauce, dry tinned food and dry vegetarian food.

Apart from donations, we will also be looking to offer a call service to allow those alone someone to talk to, offer a friendly voice and someone to lean on at a time where we need each other the most, even if we can’t see the person face to face.

Just to know someone cares and is there with you, will have a HUGE impact on someone’s morale and aid in keeping an air of positivity in the midst of the chaos.


We hope to support as many people as we can over the coming months. If you can help in any way, please, we’d love to hear from you.

For further information regarding anything mentioned already or for clarification on drop off points, visit us via social media (@midlandlangar) or contact us using the form below.


Thank you!

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