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A heartfelt thank you like no other

At Midland Langar Society, we do our utmost every-day to help those living in horrible conditions within the homeless community. We work none-stop to provide care, support, hope and love to those that really deserve it.

We have many events, celebrations and partnerships that all aid our one main goal: to give meaningful help to those who need it. We are extremely thankful for every bit of support we receive from you; none of this change would be possible without it.

Recently, international renowned poet, Dave Wilkes (at Just Divine Poems) has provided Midland Langar Society with an amazing, dedicated piece of work. Dave works with many, many people, spreading hope and positivity for all.

He writes poems for Weddings, Funerals, Thank You’s, Valentine's and more. He’s always been known to read motivational poems out to those in the homeless community, providing them with guidance and hope for the future.

Dave wrote a poem specifically for Midland Langar Seva Society, full of love, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. His words touched us and reminded us of the fantastic work we manage to achieve every single day.


Midland Langar Seva Society you’re all,

Blessed forever, whether you’re serving,

People breakfast, lunch or dinner.


This incredible society are a team who

Serve from the heart

And to the UK and around the world

You play a special part.


Many have sacrificed by helping people

In this society for so many years

Bringing joy and taking away people’s fears.

The fears of where some people of where,

The next meal is coming from,

To grateful male and female people throughout the

United Kingdom.


Midland Langar Seva Society you’ve brought happiness

To so many people… and thank you for treating everybody equal.


Your creator will bless you all individually

Whenever he feel and bless for recently serving…

In one week 30,000 meals.


Dave Wilkes.


Again, thank you to Dave Wilkes for taking the time to write MLSS something so wonderful, we appreciate it a lot.

If you’d like to see more of what Dave does, find his links here:




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