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Vote Now for Pride of Britain Award 2020

Vote Now for Midland Langar Seva Society for Pride of Britain Award 2020

MLSS want your voices to be heard!


Since 2013, the Midland Langar Seva Society teams have gone out their way time and time again, sharing their valuable time to graciously, with purpose, to help those who need us most during times of trouble.

From community members who are going hungry, to being a listening ear to anyone who may be currently or have previously struggled with mental illness.


Even now in this overwhelming time, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have joined together despite adversity to make up and send out food parcels with useful provisions to elderly members of our towns/cities in isolation as well as to further aid our nations hardworking NHS staff.


Our amazing volunteers always manage to put in 100% when it comes to complete dedication to making a difference wherever they are able to and whenever it is needed.

We are not fazed by circumstance, but rather, spurred on by faith and knowing how sharing even a small amount of kindness can change someone’s day for the better.


Not only do our volunteers work hard to assist in our goals and charitable mission, but those who support us through donating food items and supporting with funds have enabled us to move forward and build on what we have already established.

A lot of our success in helping others is testament to the efforts made by people just like you reading this right now and in this moment, we hope you can help us once again.


Back in 2017, our very own, Randhir Singh, won an award with the Pride of Birmingham.

Our entire team were thankful for the nominations and love we received at that time, and since that event occurred.


Jump forward to now in June 2020, and MLSS are hoping for this to happen once again.


Every year the Pride of Britain awards recognise a number of important causes and outstanding people for the work they do and contributions they make to those around them on a daily basis.

We are thankful to even have the opportunity to accept nominations for an award from such a prestigious award faculty, let alone have the chance to possibly win.


So how can you help MLSS?  

As part of the upcoming Pride of Britain awards, MLSS have found interest in the TSB Community Partner Award.

In order to qualify for this particular award, Pride of Britain require people to nominate their favourite good causes with reasons as to why they mean so much to the communities surrounding them and how they impact the people within each of those areas.


Through heading to the Pride of Britain website, you will be able to fill out the form provided, add in your contact details as well as your comments about MLSS and what we do.


Please only do so if you have the time and if you agree that we are worthy of such a widely acclaimed award and accolade.


Finally, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support regardless of these actions.

We’ll be updating as and when we hear updates and the next stages of the award so make sure you are following our social media platforms so you are aware when we are.


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