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The best kept secret from Jaguar Land Rover revealed

Jaguar Land Rover Car Donation to Midland Langar Seva Society

At MLSS, we do our best to help those who need it all over the country in a lot of ways. We hold weekly feeds, countless events and fundraisers in order to aid the people who, unfortunately, live without basic necessities.

The hundreds of selfless volunteers working around the clock with MLSS are what make this incredible work possible, as well as the kind donations and support we receive daily.

We can proudly say that we continuously provide around 120,000 meals per month across the UK to the homeless community; we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s contributed in any way.

But now… since early January we have been waiting to reveal an amazing donation we received, and it’s finally ready to be announced! Did you guess what it is...?

Onto The Big Reveal

On the 29th January, MLSS revealed the fantastic donation we’ve all been waiting for. Jaguar Land Rover Castle Bromwich were generous enough to provide us with a brand new Jaguar XF Sportbrake. This is an absolutely incredible gesture and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

The donation will aid MLSS a lot in our venture around the West-Midlands area to help and support hundreds of deserving people, by transporting essential equipment, volunteers and more. Everyone here is ecstatic about the news and can’t wait to spread more and more change and happiness.

The Jaguar given to MLSS is actually the 22nd vehicle to be given by JLR to good causes across the Midlands and Merseyside. Their support has been immense.


Jaguar Land Rover Car Donation to Midland Langar Seva Society

Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

Jaguar Land Rover Car Donation to Midland Langar Seva Society

How it Happened

Some members at the Midland Langar Seva Society travelled to Jaguar Land Rover Castle Bromwich to see where the new car was built, and meet some of the fantastic colleagues that made this whole thing possible.

Before the reveal, the colleagues at JGL also were generous enough to lend us their own time when we invited them to attend our feed in Birmingham.

Our MLSS volunteers and JGL collaboratively handed out hot food and drink to the homeless community, giving them the support and care they all deserve.  JGL not only have generously helped us out with their donation, but also with their own time and hands. We couldn’t be happier with the support.

Randhir (Midland Langar Seva Society CEO) attended the event, and said, ‘Guys, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very, very much - on behalf of the whole of MLSS’. JGL Castle Bromwich have done a huge thing for the homelessness cause and for the MLSS charity, and it will never be forgotten.

Jaguar Land Rover Car Donation to Midland Langar Seva Society

Thank you again to the JLR Community for the special gift, and for making further change possible.

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