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Homeserve Sleep Out in aid of Guru Nanak Asra 550

Homeserve Sleep Out in aid of Guru Nanak Asra 550
HomeServe are a fantastic UK company, who have been working alongside MLSS since 2015. Throughout these years, the support from HomeServe has been amazing. We couldn’t be more thankful to them. They have aided us in creating real change on the streets of the UK, and will continue to do so even more in future.

In celebration of the amazing support over the lat 5 years, HomeServe are holding a ‘Sleep Out’, which will raise funds for our much needed Guru Nanak Asra 550 (GN550) project in India.

HomeServe UK & MLSS Celebrate 5 Year's Working Together

What is the Sleep Out?

HomeServe and MLSS members shall be participating in a feed that will last overnight. People who are involved will spend their night on the streets offering help, support and love to those who deserve it.

Senior members at HomeServe, including their CEO, Greg Reed, will also be taking part in this event. They will be aiding MLSS in handing out hot food and drink to the homeless community, providing them with the support they desperately need.


Greg Reed, Homeserve UK CEO


The event will take place on the Wednesday 19th February, Albert Street, Birmingham City Centre. It is starting at 6:30pm and finishing 12 hours later at 6:30am. The selfless team taking part in this event will be staying out during these times in order to aid and support the homeless community.

Sponsorship can be donated here.


Fundraising for GN550

All the proceeds from this event will go towards MLSS’s ongoing project, Guru Nanak Asra 550 (GN550). This will help continue the huge-scaled project and help MLSS reach the goal they’re striving for. 

GN550 is an up and coming venture, which started back in 2019. The project is still in its early phases, but has a big and reachable goal. In end, MLSS will have a multipurpose building, in India. This will home and support people in unfortunate and undeserving situations.

There will be bedrooms, on-suits, gym, classrooms and more; everyone will be provided for, regardless of their age or background. The project will offer meaningful help to those who need it, and change many lives for the better.

All of the Sleep Out fundraising will go towards bettering and continuing on with this project.



MLSS’s aim is to provide care, love and support to people living on the street, which is why weekly feeds are held all over the country. Keep an eye on our social media pages as this is where MLSS post reminders and announcements for any events or feeds.

Every donation, kind word, support or volunteer is appreciated individually and massively. You are the reason why MLSS are able to continue to create change every single day.

Thank you again to HomeServe for their ongoing support of 5 years, and for their participation in the upcoming Sleep Out feed.



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