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MLSS Jump to Farmers Support in Delhi

2020 has brought along many trials and tribulations which have resulted in communities having to unite, come together and help one another like never before.


The current issues and crisis facing India at this moment have once again set us up for a similar story and call for action.


What is happening in India?


The breadbasket of India is being torn apart and at an existential rate.


New laws being agreed upon state that any crops harvested and sold by the hardworking and dedicated farmers in Punjab are to reach the hands of private firms instead of the licensed middlemen they would usually work with at state-controlled markets.


This essentially implies large agricultural reforms for all these farmers, thus reducing the amount of produce that can be bought and sold on.


These acts have been described as the ‘anti-farmer laws’, with the Indian Government, creating and opening up a free market.


What is currently happening in Delhi?


Over the last couple of months, and following the media’s circulation of the current happenings in India, the number of farmers making their way to Delhi to begin a peaceful protest has been amazing and humbling. Farmers from Panjab, Haryana, Rajasthan as well as other areas of the Country have joined together, making this one of the largest peaceful protests on record.


The movement has become known as ‘Dilli Chalo’, otherwise known as ‘let’s go to Delhi’.


On the 26th November, about 25 million individuals all came to the aid and support of these farmers. With no intentions besides that of remaining peaceful in their actions, they were met with violence in the form of tear gas, water cannons and trenches. Yet the point and purpose has not been lost or changed.


The protests continued.


How do MLSS aim to help?


With everything going on, some personal connections and ties to the farmer’s stories as well as with all we stand for at MLSS, our teams couldn’t just sit back.


Something had to be done. We had to act.


As you read this, members of our team, including some of MLSS figure heads, including that of CEO, Randhir Singh are on the frontline, providing essential supplies and medical aid to those involved.


However, we are not alone. Other fantastic organisations have been working alongside us to ensure all necessary provisions are ready and available when needed.


Many have been away from their homes for weeks on end and needed specialise care. We managed to provide medical facilities and care, such as qualified doctors and physiotherapists who have been working around the clock to assist with aches and pains from sleeping in these rough conditions.


Not only that, but many of the protestors are of the older generation so facing extreme cold conditions and continuous outdoor environments is proving truly dangerous.  We are currently in the process of procuring 1000s of winter sleeping bags and thermal under garments to keep them warm as they continue with their protest.


We’d like to thank you. Without your constant kindness shown through support and donations, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the success we have so far.If you are unable to join us but still wish to help, you can donate directly to us here :- Donate Link


This is your work in action, just as much as ours.


Please make sure to check our social media pages for further updates.

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