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Take To The Skies With Our Latest Fundraiser

After weeks of continuous planning and preparation for our latest fundraising extravaganza, we finally reached the day itself on September 1st with enthusiasm and took to the skies to raise money for deserving local homeless projects within communities just like yours. 

16 brave individuals took on the challenge.

They all managed to help us gain exposure for the event and each raised a lot of money to support the cause. 

Everyone did a fantastic job, putting in their all throughout the day.

The atmosphere was truly amazing and we're happy to say that the weather thankfully kept up for all during the event, whether actually jumping or there to support someone doing so. 

The support given from friends, family and the generous donations from the general public, our attendants were kept motivated and filled with excitement for what was ahead.

We wholeheartedly commend and thank everyone who managed to jump, for the efforts and dedication shown, as well as for doing something which may appear to be way out of the depths for many. We really appreciate it. 

Finally, we want to give a HUGE thank you also and mention to anyone who donated money to the cause, either before, during or after event.

The overall amount raised from the jump as well as the upcoming events are to be announced in the coming future. 

Makes sure to keep an eye out on our social media (@midlandlangar) for details. 

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