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Support a person in need this winter with our shoebox appeal

Midland Langar Seva Society Shoebox Appeal


This winter, here at Midland Langar Seva Society, we are hosting a Shoebox Appeal event in order to help those facing homelessness. Our aim is to not only gather donations and gifts, but to raise awareness.

Every year, many people are left to fend for themselves against harsh conditions with little to no support; we want to help stop this. If you want to contribute to the cause, consider getting involved in our Shoebox Appeal.

Homelessness in the UK

As of 2018, in the UK alone, there were approximately 320,000 living in the streets (data from the Housing Charity Shelter). This is an awfully high figure that is increasing every year without the attention it should be getting. It’s an issue that without the help and attention, will keep growing and growing.

You should know, homelessness doesn’t just cover those that sleep ‘rough’. It affects a wide array of people, all around the world, in different ways.

It includes temporary accommodation such as, shelters, sleeping at a friend’s house (or sofa surfing), those without a permanent home and those living in unfit places. Homelessness affects a wider variety of people than you’d expect.

Whatever situation that person may be in, being homeless is an inhumane way to live. No-one deserves that life; let alone the treatment they receive for being homeless. By this we mean the passers-by that harm, or are violent towards a homeless person.

Statistics show that people living on the street are around 17 times more likely to be victims of violence, and 15 times more likely to suffer from verbal abuse, compared to the previous year.

A portion of the general public are aiming anti-social behaviour at those on the streets, whether it’s physical or verbal, making their lives even harder. Even with the statistics, life on the street isn’t improving, it’s getting worse by the year.

Homelessness at Christmas

For the homeless, the winter months can be excessively difficult to get through. The weather lowers to freezing temperatures, and people are left to survive through it alone.

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for the homeless. Families and friends are enjoying the company of each-other in the comfort of their own homes, while people on the street have a reoccurring struggle to escape the cold.

Helping those less fortunate at Christmas will help spread the joy the holiday revolves around.

However, although support during winter is important, the help is needed all year round. The more people that join the cause, the more we can do to stop the dreadful happenings on our streets.


How you can help

To help support this, Midland Langar Seva Society are holding a Shoebox Appeal this winter. To get involved, prepare a shoe box of gifts to donate to someone facing homelessness or hardship.

Any items, such as toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant), treats (chocolate, biscuits, first aid) or warm clothes/thermals etc. will be highly appreciated.

No donation is too small; everything will work together to help make someone’s winter better. We’re doing everything we can, and are thankful for any support given.

For more information and drop-off points, please contact:

Parmjit Singh: 07903 400 179

Dal Kaur: 07860 109 551


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