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GN550: Meaningful help to those who really need it

GN550: Meaningful help to those who really need it
GN550: Meaningful help to those who really need it

Since 2013, the teams at Midland Langar have been known for providing meaningful help and aid to people nationwide, as well as internationally.

In October, we not only joyfully celebrated our 6-year anniversary of service, but managed to introduce you all to a project that has been close to our hearts for quite some time.


The project in question, known as GN550, is going to enable us to support many more people and is named accordingly, as a commemoration of the 550th birthday and to further action the teachings of, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


GN550 will be completed in the form of a multi-purpose building and will be housed in Jalandhar, one of the biggest cities within the province of Punjab, India.

Works for the project are already well underway, with advancements being made constantly by our team of volunteers and staff.

We are truly excited by the movements and direction with which the project is already progressing.


The building work is being done with over 220+ residents, varying individual needs and requirements and all backgrounds and religions specifically in mind.

On site will be a children’s orphanage, areas for elderly community members to happily live out their final days, as well as a shelter where we can continue on with our original mission of feeding and supporting the homeless.

Besides this, we are putting together a team around us who will assist with the day to day running’s of the centre and provide care and a watchful eye to all the residents who go on to stay with us over the coming months and years.


To get a real idea for the need of GN550, a few dedicated members of our team recently visited a group of children in India who were living in derelict conditions and without the care they deserved to be given.

The team were touched by what they had witnessed and refused to leave the children in the position they were in.

Despite barriers and a lot of red tape revolving around the situation, we managed to move the children to a safer location where they will be shown love and receive the help they each need as individuals.


This experience has opened our eyes, even more so than before, giving all involved that necessary push needed to get everything up, ready and to the best of our abilities for the benefit of those who will need it most.


For this reason, we are now currently in the process of having 23 rooms built and in preparation for our younger residents.

These are set to be finalised in time for our official 1st phase project launch on the 16th November.


A lot of time and hard work has gone into sourcing the right materials, financing the entire project as a whole and finding a team who share the same values and ethics to help get us to where we need to be to make this idea a reality.


Regardless of the hardships we’ve come across along the way, it has been a pleasure to watch everything begin to fall into place and see people fall into the roles they have committed to take on.

Saying this is all for people in need, is a special thing and we are thankful to anyone who has donated or offered a helping hand up until this point.

Also, a huge thank you to Baba Fauja Singh and Akal Bunga Sahib, without whom, none of this would be possible.


However, we still need your help.

We are seeking to reach a target of £300,000 so we can really make the difference we know we can make and on a much larger scale.

Any donations would be greatly admired and appreciated by all. Also, if anyone works within the care sector and have a real passion for helping others, we would love to hear from you. 


Finally, please feel free to join us on the 16th November for the launch. Follow us on our socials for further details.

Thank you!

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